Dealing With Road Rage Accidents

Dealing With Road Rage AccidentsA car accident in Florida can happen for many different reasons. However, one of the most common reasons is due to road rage. This can happen anywhere. When a road rage accident does occur it can be really dangerous.

Road rage occurs when someone who’s driving a vehicle loses their temper. There are some instances when the person may actually leave their vehicle to either confront or assault another driver. At other times the person may start driving so aggressively that they cause a road rage accident because they’re using their car as a weapon and have thus managed to hit another driver who’s also operating their car on the same road as them.

How to Prevent a Road Rage Accident

Although anyone can find themselves in a car accident that’s the result of road rage, there are some tips you can follow to help avoid being a victim. These include:

  • In the same way, as you wouldn’t drive after you’ve drunk some alcohol, you also shouldn’t drive after you get angry. This is because when you’re angry you become distracted so you make poor decisions. Get into the habit of thinking about your emotions before you get behind the wheel. If you feel angry, take a minute to calm yourself down before driving so you don’t cause a car accident.
  • Make sure you’re feeling well physically before driving. This means getting enough sleep and making sure you eat when you’re hungry. It’s also important to learn how to manage stress well. Any one of these things can make you feel worse when you’re behind the wheel.
  • Pay attention to how you act when you’re not behind the wheel because this will give you a good indication as to whether you’re likely to get into a road rage accident. Pay attention to if you overreact or you’re rude while behind the wheel. Finding ways to deal with this frustration will make you a better driver.
  • Drive both courteously and defensively. Driving courteously means avoiding behaviors that’d otherwise result in a heated exchange. This includes things like avoiding tailgating and not cutting other drivers off. On the other hand, driving defensively means thinking ahead and predicting how you may avoid others on the road so you’re able to avoid getting into a car accident.

What to do if You Get Into an Accident

If you’re driving calmly and you encounter an aggressive driver it’s important to use caution. Unfortunately, many people get into a car accident due to road rage. If this happens to you, remain calm, stay in your car, and don’t engage the other driver since doing so could easily escalate the situation.

To avoid getting into an accident, get out of the way of the other driver. If they choose to follow you instead of passing you, drive to the nearest police station or another public location – never allow them to have the opportunity to follow you home. When this isn’t possible and the other person is attempting to ram into your car or injure you, dial 911 so the police can tell you what to do. Make sure you stay on the line with them until help can arrive.

If you’ve been injured in a road rage accident, contact the Blenner Law Group in Palm Harbor, FL, and Pinellas County.

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