Wrongful Death

Wrongful DeathI’ve represented families of those who died as a result of a collision or accident on a number of wrongful death claims and trust me, no case is sadder than when a loved one has been prematurely lost through the negligence of another.

As much as compassion is needed for the family at the time of the initial consultation, often immediate and aggressive work is essential to preserve the evidence surrounding the case. Once someone has been killed in an incident, you’ve lost an important eyewitness to the occurrence. Securing witness statements, inspecting the site of the devastating loss and talking to the investigating authorities are crucial in locking down issues such as liability and comparative negligence.

Thereafter, an estate will need to be established for the survivors of the deceased so any funds from the case can be funneled through the probate court. Is the family financially strapped without the breadwinner? A timely filed probate estate will be opened to keep the family going pending the outcome of the claim.

The best thing a lawyer can do for a family that’s just lost a loved one in a tragic accident, is protect the family and get to work immediately.

Image credit: ckellyphoto / 123RF Stock Photo