Commercial Vehicle Accidents

blankCommercial vehicle collisions can get very complicated pretty quickly. Whether you were hit by an 18 wheeler or a panel van there may be multiple sources of insurance, including yours. Also, it stands to reason that if you’re involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle the property damage may be much more extensive since commercial trucks weigh substantially more than private cars. And, if the impact is harder and stronger causing more property damage I’ll bet you’re injuries are more substantial than if you were hit by a small imported vehicle.

We also represent drivers of commercial vehicles when they were injured in their rig in a collision through no fault of their own. And the issues involved may encompass an entanglement of workers compensation insurance and private third party claims against the at-fault party’s insurance company.

If the injury is catastrophic we are here to help the family with the saddest of cases – crashes that result in a wrongful death of their loved one. Legal help is usually needed pretty quickly to establish and file a Probate Estate from which to make a death claim, as well as notification to all parties, and whatever other legal assistance we can offer the family.