Automobile Collisions

TAutomobile Collisionsypically after someone’s been in a car collision there are so many things going on, it can make one’s head spin. Should I go to the emergency room? What do I do with my car? I can’t go to work anytime soon, what about my income? The person who crashed into me, what’s going to happen to him? Worst of all, **ouch!!** my neck and back are killing me!

It’s generally called “priority paralysis”: What should I do first? which sometimes results in someone doing nothing. This, of course, is a huge mistake.

I’d suggest you call an injury attorney. As I always tell new clients, this is all new to you. I’ve done it hundreds if not thousands of times – leave your problems with me and we’ll sort it out. Your only job is to get effective medical treatment and try to recuperate as best you can.

You and I together, as partners on your claim, will work towards getting your car fixed or totaled,  determine which insurance companies are in play and get you to a physician of a suitable discipline to diagnose you hurting neck and a workable treatment plan.

As you probably know, injury lawyers work on a contingency fee agreement meaning we only get paid if you get paid. There really is a minimum risk for clients. So, while there’s no magic in what we do, we’re familiar with the process and frequently all of the insurance companies. It is always better to have legal representation for these types of cases. Please call if we can help.

If you have been hurt in a car collision, the first thing you should do is assess whether or not you have injuries. If you do, you need to go to the Emergency Room and have your injuries assessed. Then, if we can be of assistance, call us at 727-600-1600. We will immediately investigate the circumstances of your accident and work to get you to professionals who can fully diagnose and treat your injuries. If you were the, unfortunately, victim of a drunk driver, we will also pursue the issue of punitive damages.

Image source: deyangeorgiev / 123RF Stock Photo