Estate Planning for Millennials

Even as a lawyer who practices in Estate Planning I didn’t have a Will until I was about 30 years old. I figured since I only had debt if my family wanted to fight over that, they were welcome to it. So this blog post is directed at the so-called “Millennials” – who are largely defined as folks from about 34 years of age (year of birth, 1982) down to about 16 year old. Largely speaking, it’s people from their 20s to mid-30s. Maybe you Read More +

Thank You………

I rarely get too personal in my law firm website blog postings. It’s not in my nature. I’ll write about cases I’ve had, about changes in the law, about things around the office, about funny things in general. But writing about me as a person first and a lawyer next, is an unnatural and uncomfortable exercise. However, on this two year anniversary it is time to reflect and acknowledge that I’m incredibly, unbelievably grateful the way things have developed over the last 24 months. Two Read More +

No, Not Every State Allows a “No-Contest” Clause in a Will – Florida Doesn’t….

Recently, I was listening to a national cable show and their estatexpert for the day was an estate planner. Prattling on about how you don’t really need a lawyer to do your own estate planning, he advised going to a website and downloading a Will form, and added, don’t forget to put a “No-Contest” clause in your Will. “That way, if Junior ever contests his share from your Will, he won’t get a penny!” He went on to say, “All states allow a No-Contest Clause Read More +

The Inevitable January Rush for Estate Planning……

As an attorney who practices in Estate Planning, I know from talking to other lawyers that we all experience a flood of calls in January from family, friends and clients to “get our Wills done”.  Typically I write more Wills in January, February and March than any other time of the year. Undoubtedly the calls are a part of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution – an effort to stop procrastinating after years of putting off planning for the inevitable.  It’s never too late to tackle your Read More +