Teach Your Teenagers The Importance Of Driving Safety

Teach Your Teenagers The Importance Of Driving SafetyWith the current world situation and pandemic going on around us, many teenagers are growing
restless and craving to get out of the house and enjoy life once more.

Even if your child drives safe on the roads and follows all of the traffic rules, just the fact that
they may be spending more time than usual out on the highway could mean a higher risk of
car accidents or other mishaps.

Due to these reasons, now is a perfect time to sit them down and have a talk about how important
it is to drive safely. Here are some of the things you can talk to them about.

Don’t Focus on Passengers

Passengers are a distraction not only for the younger generation but even for adults. There have
been studies conducted that showcase how the risk of an accident rises with how many
passengers are in the car.

Perhaps discuss having a limit on how many passengers your teen can have in the car at one
time, to limit possible distractions.

All it takes is one group of kids getting a bit too rambunctious in the back of the car to cause a
serious accident.

Avoid Distracted Driving

There’s no getting around it, teenagers get easily distracted, especially during this age of cell
phones. Make it clear that when driving, all focus should be on the road and their surroundings.

Keep the cell phone put away while driving, and only call or text when parked and off of the
road. Texting and driving are a very deadly combination.

When they are with their friends, instill in them that it is of utmost importance that as long as
they are behind the wheel of the car, they must have their full attention on the road at all times.

Chatting and having fun is great, but passengers can be distracting and cause car accidents very
easily if they are a distraction to the driver.

Don’t Drink and Drive

On the topic of friends, your teen may find themselves hanging out with friends and getting a bit
buzzed. Hopefully, this is not the case, as underage drinking is already quite a fault in its own
right, but make it very clear that they should never drink and drive.

Driving while drunk is just asking for trouble, and a car full of teenagers who are more than a bit
tipsy is a recipe for disaster. Steer clear of car accidents by avoiding drunk driving altogether.

Don’t Cave to Peer Pressure

When riding along with their friends, your teen may do something that they would not normally
do which may endanger their safety.

Make it clear that no matter how much their passengers think something is cool or that they
should try an unsafe maneuver out they should not cave in to the peer pressure.

Help them through various peer pressure scenarios, and teach them how they can deal with the

Taking Long Drives

If your teen decides to take a longer drive, remind them about the effects of highway hypnosis,
fatigue, and other hazards that may arise when taking a long drive.

Encourage them to take breaks when needed, and to refresh themselves regularly to avoid any
potential car accidents which may occur due to fatigue or becoming distracted.


With these simple reminders, your teen can get back out on the roads and drive safely. Of course,
not every driver out there is going to be keeping these rules in mind.

Whether it be another teenager or an adult, it just takes one person to cause a serious accident. If
your teen has been hurt or injured by the fault of a negligent driver, do not hesitate to contact
Walt Blenner at Blenner Law Group.

Blenner Law Group will work tirelessly to get you the justice you deserve and will give your
case utmost importance. Your teen’s legal rights are just as important as anyone’s, and
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