2016 – This Highly Politicized Election Year May Actually Kill Me – A Logic Based Person….

Lawyers are trained to think critically; to think logically and rationally. If your belief isn’t supported by the facts – rethink your belief. It’s probably wrong. I’ve been wrong lots of times, and when faced with contrary evidence, I usually have to grudgingly acknowledge that I was mistaken. It’s a lot easier to admit defeat than fight with stubborn things like facts. This, however, seems to be the year in politics when facts are not only irrelevant, facts are the enemy. Facts are wonky, they’re Read More +

Why Personal Wealth in Presidential Politics Matter

Most Americans are overall generous with their good thoughts about past presidents. Sometimes we mindfully embellish a so-so president to larger than life status. You can name your own example, but as time goes on we begin to burnish that reputation to a higher sheen, especially as we watch that retired president grow old and seemingly wiser, with age.  I think most people even came to terms with Richard Nixon towards the end as we mentally shaved off some of those harsh edges of the Read More +

My Unpleasant Encounter with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Office

Those who know me, know that I have a passion for art. I was raised in metropolitan New York very close to Manhattan and spent many hours as a child in museums. It’s what I did growing up and it’s always been a source of interest, inspiration and even relaxation throughout my life. It was inevitable that after establishing myself in a law practice, I’d eventually gravitate to arts organization since, let’s face it, the law isn’t the most creative profession around. I’ve been chairman Read More +

My Summer Post about Gun Control – Redux

This past summer I wrote a blog post about gun control. It was August, 15th. This was just after the movie theater shooting in Colorado, and the Sikh mosque shooting in Wisconsin by a white supremacist (do you even remember that one?). My conclusion was that the issue of gun control would never gain a foot-hold in an election year since the GOP is firmly on the side of the NRA and democrats don’t like the issue since it polls badly – many democrats are Read More +

Hola from Spain!

The photographs here were taken today, November 28, 2012, just outside the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. As a long time European traveler I’m used to seeing protests in action in socialized countries. One thing Americans and Europeans have in common is the love of griping about their government through free speech. Last fall when I was in Munich, there were huge protests over, of all things, a local airport opening up another runway. Odd, but there were the masses chanting with sign posts in hand, arms Read More +