Have My Pre-Existing Injuries Reduced the Value of My Recent Car Crash Injuries to Nothing?

Most people reach a certain age and it’s unlikely that some part of their body hasn’t sustained some degree of prior trauma or degeneration. Remember that high school football injury to your knee 30 years ago? Yeah, it likely bothers you today – especially when the weather changes. In fact, lots of people have either degeneration to a joint, like a knee or shoulder, or an area of their spine without even knowing it. It may be “asymptomatic”, or without symptoms. It’s just as a Read More +

Five “Don’ts” If You’re in A Low Speed Impact Car Crash

Many car accidents are low speed impact ones that do not result in a lot of property damage. Our roads are so congested we’re often playing bumper cars with each other and experiencing or witnessing minor crashes. If you’re on the road a lot, you may see a number of these on any given day. Here’s what not to do if you’re involved in a minor wreck: 1. We Don’t Need the Police! Well, yes you probably do need the police! Investigating agencies (Florida Highway Read More +

“I’ve Just Been in a Crash – Should I Talk to the Other Driver?”

There’s very little that’s funny about being in a car collision, especially when the wreck wasn’t your fault. However, over the years I’ve had to keep myself from laughing more than once when a new client told me the at-fault driver’s version of the reason for the crash. To answer the titled question – Yes! If you can reasonably get out of your car and safely walk over to the other driver, I encourage clients to ask the other at-fault driver, “What happened?” An admission Read More +