“Can I Tell the Truth When An Employer Is Looking For A Reference On A Former Employee?”

I’ve debated this back and forth with Employers for years. The common thought is, if I tell the truth about a former employee and its negative I’ll get sued. So, the only thing I’ll verify is their dates of service and maybe whether or not I’d rehire them. This is just wrong. If the former employee had a high absentee rate, was repeatedly written up for poor job performance, didn’t get along with other employees, you are free to tell the prospective employer this. Those Read More + Read More +

The Fundamental Unfairness of “Second Parent Adoptions”

What’s a “second parent adoption”? If you’ve got the stomach for a legal subject that is truly nauseating and unjust, read on. More and more same sex couples are having children of their own through surrogacy and otherwise. Second parent adoptions are a way the non-biological parent can be legally recognized as the “second parent” of their own child. The Issue: In a same sex relationship that opts to have a child through a surrogate who actually carries the child, only one parent can be Read More + Read More +

My Car Crash Was Out of State: Can I Hire A Florida Lawyer To Represent Me?

Surprisingly, yes! You can hire a Florida lawyer for your personal injury claim even if your car accident was in a different state. Typically someone who is involved in an accident in some distant jurisdiction returns home and resumes their life here. So, his or her family physician is here, as is a treating doctor. They go back to work but may have lost some time due to recuperation. It makes sense to hire someone locally to navigate your care and your insurance claim, locally.  Read More + Read More +

When Bill Collectors Cross the Line…..

As the economy recovers – ever so slowly – there are still lots of people out there who had little choice but to live on their credit cards until they were able to find work after being unemployed or underemployed for months or even years. Most well intentioned people intend to pay off these credit cards bills, but sometimes it’s not fast enough for your bank credit card company. Many creditors have a deadline on repayment and when it’s not met, they “sell” your debt Read More + Read More +

The Myth of “Picking a Jury”

Currently lawyers in the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin are picking a jury. In reality, lawyers don’t really “pick” a jury, so much as exclude those who express actual opinions. The process is known as “voir dire” and if you’ve never been called for jury duty, lawyers from both sides lob questions to the panel of potential jurors sitting in front of them to try to root out some information that would determine how that panelist thinks. So, for instance, a lawyer might Read More + Read More +

Food Poisoning – A Very *Messy* Subject

Food poisoning cases don’t come around very often to a personal injury lawyer mainly because it is extremely difficult to pinpoint what exactly made you sick or even which meal you ate that day that contained the contaminated food. Was it something you ate from breakfast, lunch or dinner? However, as an injury attorney I have had some undisputed food poisoning cases:  I’ll share one and you’ll see what I mean. My client was in his early 20s and he owned a car detailing business. Read More + Read More +