FAQ: How Long Should My Injury Claim Take to Resolve?

Ahh, the eternal question that injury clients always want to know: “I hurt, I feel terrible, I know I need medical treatment, but I’ve heard these cases take 5 years to resolve. I don’t want to get involved in that. Is this true?” Everyone has heard bad stories of cases that drag on for years. While it does occasionally happen, it’s very rare for a claim to last more than one year, two at the most. First, when someone is injured, medical care is essential Read More +

FAQ: Why Should I Hire A Small Firm For My Personal Injury Case?

I’m well aware that certain personal injury law firms advertise all over the place – land, air and even sky. There are park benches advertising injury lawyers, billboards tower over roadways brandishing a particular face from an Orlando law firm and I’ve even seen planes flying banners advertising big firms over public events. I don’t do any of that. So, why should you hire the smaller professional, instead of the “big boys”? We’re all professionals so let me just point out the differences between their style Read More +

Five “Don’ts” If You’re in A Low Speed Impact Car Crash

Many car accidents are low speed impact ones that do not result in a lot of property damage. Our roads are so congested we’re often playing bumper cars with each other and experiencing or witnessing minor crashes. If you’re on the road a lot, you may see a number of these on any given day. Here’s what not to do if you’re involved in a minor wreck: 1. We Don’t Need the Police! Well, yes you probably do need the police! Investigating agencies (Florida Highway Read More +

Representing Lottery Winners….

A few weeks ago I received a call from someone here in Palm Harbor who became a new client. This lucky guy had just won millions of dollars, not from a weekly lottery drawing, but from a Florida scratch off ticket, of all things. Did you know you can win up to $5 million on a Florida Lottery scratch off? “Paul” is a middle-aged single dad who was never a big wage earner and I couldn’t have been happier for him. He was seeking my Read More +

Get a Jump on the New Year – Think Estate Planning Now!

December is a fun month of holidays, family, good cheer and food. This is true right through New Year’s Eve as we celebrate the prospect of wiping the slate clean and starting over with optimism and hope. January 1st is often the beginning of a sobering period of self-reflection for many clients. Reality sets in, the credit card bills start collecting in the mailbox (or e-mail box), we gauge how many pounds were packed on during the holidays and some start thinking of their longer Read More +

A Thanksgiving Wish….

Dear Clients, Friends and Family, I cannot tell you how many people I’ve spoken to this year who have had a challenging (read: difficult) 2013. Maybe it’s because I have as well and people are just commiserating with me. As the year comes to an end I like to think about the past year as challenges met and actually conquered. An Italian race car driver was once seen ripping the rear view mirror off of a rental car saying, “What’s behind me is not important” Read More +