Do I Need Insurance on my Street Worthy Golf Cart?

As we all know golf carts are not just for golf courses anymore.  As people try to conserve gas and move about their communities a little easier, golf carts have become an alternate method of transport. More than just efficient, they’re fun!  My parents had one in their golf community and my friends have one in Safety Harbor for tooting around town. In some communities like the Villages, they’re almost essential. In this self-contained little city in the middle of nowhere, carts are the most Read More + Read More +

Harassing an Internet Scammer

Believe it or not, there are a whole host of internet scammers who specialize in attempting to scam lawyers. This is particularly offensive since lawyers are trained to question, to investigate to research and to search for the truth. These morons think they can pull one over on us? As a group, we’re not feeble minded simpletons ready to believe we just won the Scottish Lottery when told without ever having played it. Flash forward to this past Monday: I received an e-mail inquiry through Read More + Read More +

Lawyers and Attitude

Recently a colleague related a story: A friend of his asked him to refer him to “the meanest, most aggressive attorney” he knew. He really wanted his lawyer to “rip to shreds” the other party to the dispute. The result? The friend and his lawyer argued all the time and he fired the “aggressive jerk”. This is a case of be careful what you wish for. Now the client is out a good amount of money after giving him a non-refundable retainer and must start Read More + Read More +

Food Poisoning Is All Around You!

I wrote a post about food poisoning personal injury cases not too long ago. That was before Americans everywhere started dropping like flies from a whole variety of very recent food poisoning cases and subsequent food recalls when the problem is revealed. Wow. A simple internet search shows that there have been very recent recalls for ground beef, potato salad, bags of broccoli salad, iceberg lettuce, barbeque beans, ham, chicken, cilantro and even dog “jerky” treats. Now they’re even poisoning our pets. What’s going on? Read More + Read More +

“Can I Tell the Truth When An Employer Is Looking For A Reference On A Former Employee?”

I’ve debated this back and forth with Employers for years. The common thought is, if I tell the truth about a former employee and its negative I’ll get sued. So, the only thing I’ll verify is their dates of service and maybe whether or not I’d rehire them. This is just wrong. If the former employee had a high absentee rate, was repeatedly written up for poor job performance, didn’t get along with other employees, you are free to tell the prospective employer this. Those Read More + Read More +

The Fundamental Unfairness of “Second Parent Adoptions”

What’s a “second parent adoption”? If you’ve got the stomach for a legal subject that is truly nauseating and unjust, read on. More and more same sex couples are having children of their own through surrogacy and otherwise. Second parent adoptions are a way the non-biological parent can be legally recognized as the “second parent” of their own child. The Issue: In a same sex relationship that opts to have a child through a surrogate who actually carries the child, only one parent can be Read More + Read More +