Why should I consider hiring you?

Q: Why should I consider hiring you?

It’s a good question because there are a number of other attorneys and firms that are skilled, equally skilled in representing clients, but for me I think it comes down to communication. I personally meet with all of my clients and so does my paralegal, and we get to know the clients very well. It’s important to be a good listener so that you can tailor-make your legal representation to their needs, whether it’s personal injury work or whether it’s estate planning.

And in the area of personal injury work, I also get to know the families very well and you really need to know your client as well as you can in order to adequately represent them against an insurance company for personal injury. At a firm like mine, you’re not one of 4000, you’re one of less than 100, and I think people get more tailor-made service when they’re with more of a boutique firm than with somebody who advertises on, say, billboards or TV ads.

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