To The Clients And Potential Clients Of Blenner Law Group In A COVID-19 World

blankI wouldn’t say I’m a workaholic, but I don’t like being idle. Even last summer when I was on a 2 week cruise halfway across the world, I worked a few hours every day. This is different, however: This is an extremely challenging time for us all, but if you are a client of mine or need my services, just know that we’re still open and working. It’s just that we’re doing it a bit differently.

First, I’m working remotely: With a home office, VOIP phone, a scanner/copier and a networked computer system, it’s just like I’m sitting at my desk. For things that need to be done at the office, we are going in as needed to sign checks and other documents, check the USPS mail, pull files and meet with clients, on occasion.

For those clients whose needs aren’t urgent, we can work with you remotely and still answer questions and have telephone conferences. For instance, a number of clients are now thinking about their estate planning – nothing like a pandemic to waken the mentality of the mortal coil – but unless there’s a medical urgency to estate planning, I’m telling clients that we can execute any estate documents in the month of May.

However, if I have a new client with a more urgent need – like an injury client – much can be done by faxes and emails, but it’s still okay to meet with certain clients, so long as we follow the rules of socially distancing ourselves. My conference room table happens to be 6 feet long so I’ve had one client at one end, and me at the other. We have hand sanitizer for door knobs and everything else touchable. We’re good – we’re safe.

Also, for existing clients who are treating with doctors for their claim – if your physician’s medical office is open and you need treatments, please consider it. Just follow the medical clinics hygienic protocol. If your doctor’s office is just flat out closed, shuttered down for the month of April, do not despair. You can resume treatment next month (hopefully) and it will not effect your claim. You cannot treat if nobody will treat you – insurance companies will understand.

Since much of my practice is in personal injury, I can still work on clients’ claims that are already out there – much of the car insurance industry is working from home. Many medical providers and almost all insurance companies are considered “essential” and therefore remain open. Your claim is being serviced and you will hear from me.

Until then friends, please just be safe. Just know that I’m here if you need…….

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