Harleys and Gas Station Injuries.

I recently signed up a new client who was filling up his Harley at a local gas station. Little did he know that the gas pump handle was broken. The “float” that tells the handle when to cut off the flow of gas wasn’t working. Someone had even been out to fix it two days earlier, but that wasn’t known to my client. Most Harley gas tanks are on top of the bike. This means he was filling up the tank much higher than on Read More + Read More +

The BP Oil Spill and You. No, really, YOU!

I have a Palm Harbor client whose retail business was shattered after the BP Oil spill of April, 2010. Her business is dependent upon “disposable dollars”, that is, that money that is spent for fun by her clients. Here on the Gulf Coast many of her reliable Palm Harbor area clients stopped using her services in the summer and fall months of 2010 when she is usually her busiest. Why? She asked them. Their answer was almost universal: “Our business has suffered financially since the Read More + Read More +

Pinellas Recognizes Domestic Registry – I’m Offering Price Reduction on Powers of Attorney

As was reported in the Tampa Bay Times this week, our County Commission has finally granted unmarried couples – same sex and straight – legal recognition through our County’s registry. This follows three local cities that have already adopted this: Gulfport, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. I applaud our Commission for doing this. It’s a good start. Legally and ethically it is the right thing to do and will ensure couples access to each other in case of hospitalizations along with other benefits. However, as the Read More +

Gov. Rick Scott’s New Year’s Gift You Cannot Return

This is probably my most important blog post since I started writing one year ago. Please take a few moments to read this – it is, after all, about you if you drive a car in Florida. Much like the ugly sweater you received this Christmas that cannot be return without the receipt, our governor is giving you something you didn’t need or want, it’s a nasty piece-of-work and it’s coming your way on January 1, 2013. Like it or not – it’s going to Read More +

President Jimmy Carter: My Former Law Professor and the Value of Mediations

When I was a law student at Emory Law School in Atlanta, we had a very distinguished professor teach us about this newly developed process to settle serious disputes: Former President Jimmy Carter stood at the head of our classroom that semester in front of maybe 25 of us and spoke to us about Mediation. At the time, President Carter was out of office a number of years and his main accomplishment in the White House was peace in the Middle East through the Camp Read More +

Hola from Spain!

The photographs here were taken today, November 28, 2012, just outside the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. As a long time European traveler I’m used to seeing protests in action in socialized countries. One thing Americans and Europeans have in common is the love of griping about their government through free speech. Last fall when I was in Munich, there were huge protests over, of all things, a local airport opening up another runway. Odd, but there were the masses chanting with sign posts in hand, arms Read More +