Florida Bikers Are At The Most Danger In The U.S.

Florida is Ranked the Most Dangerous State to Ride a BikeAccording to a recent news report, Florida is the state with the most traffic accidents involving bikes. It continues on to state that 783 bicyclists were killed in 2017 and 125 of them (16%) were in Florida. Let’s take a moment to look at this information and what it means.

Why Biking in Florida is So Dangerous

In 2019 a AAA survey discovered that the reason why so many bikers in Florida encounter a bike injury is that 56% ride with traffic, 36% don’t wear helmets, and another 21% ride against traffic. Unfortunately, bikers don’t need to encounter a personal injury if they’d simply follow the rules of the road. This means that bikers must understand that they have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that the two most common reasons for traffic accidents resulting in a bike injury are falls and collisions. Unfortunately, if you do get injured it isn’t as simple as turning the accident into your insurance because over 20% of drivers in Florida don’t have car insurance. Therefore if you’re hit by a driver you have a 1 in 5 chance of them covering your medical bills.

How to Avoid a Traffic Accident While Riding Your Bike

When you want to avoid getting into traffic accidents that result in a bike injury, it’s important to know what you’re doing before you even head out on your adventure. Here are a few tips that our personal injury lawyers think you should always remember.

Have the Right Bike

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the right bike. Your bike needs to fit you properly so that it’s easier to control and you can avoid a personal injury. It’s also important to have a white light on the front of your bike and a red light on the back of it. You should also have reflectors on it.

Wear the Right Gear

Once you have the right bike, it’s time to get the right gear. Not only should you dress in bright clothes during the day, but you should wear reflective gear at night to avoid traffic accidents. Another important way of foregoing a bike injury is to wear a properly fitted helmet – one that fits snugly.

Be a Good Biker

Make sure you always follow the rules of the road. Remain alert as you ride with the flow of traffic. This may result in you encountering some road hazards (e.g., potholes, gravel, broken glass, puddles) so watch for them so you don’t develop a personal injury.

It’s also important for you to signal to other drivers where you’re going and make sure that they see you doing so. If you’re riding on a sidewalk, make sure you tell any pedestrians you encounter that you’re about to pass by them before doing so.

These things are easier when you take the time to plan your route before heading out onto the road because then you’ll know what to expect so you can avoid traffic accidents. This also allows you to choose roads that have less traffic, a slower speed limit, and sidewalks.

Filing a Personal Injury Case for Your Bike Injury

If you still encounter a bike injury, you’ll want to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. At the Blenner Law Group in St Petersburg & Palm Harbor, FL we’ll help you fully recover financially. You may be entitled to compensation for the expenses related to the accident, any lost wages, and for your pain and suffering. Make sure you talk to us as soon as possible after your accident.

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