Injuries Don’t Wait for the Holidays to be Over

Injuries Don’t Wait for the Holidays to be OverHaving represented injured clients for years, I’ve had many clients who unfortunately sustain an injury over the Holidays. It can be very difficult to get quality health care between Thanksgiving and Christmas when so many health care professionals are away for extended periods of time.

If you’re in an accident or somehow hurt first assess if you should go to the emergency room: They are always open, of course. If you think you may have sustained a broken bone or internal injury a trip to the E.R. is a must. If you could benefit from diagnostic scans, such as a CT or MRI, go to the E.R.

If the injuries aren’t as severe and you’re interested in documenting an event that resulted in pain, these pop-up Walk-In Clinics are also a good option. This would be for issues like abrasions, bruising, contusions and maybe the need for some basic prescriptive strength muscle relaxers.

By the way, many don’t realize that in Florida, if you’re in a car collision and do not get any medical treatment for two weeks, your car insurance company is permissively allowed to conclude that any later treatment is unrelated to the car crash and they do not have to pay for that later treatment. Period. So getting yourself in to see some form of medical care provider is key with two weeks.

If you’ve decided that you do not want to go to the E.R. or a Walk-In Clinic but would rather see your very own physician, give him or her a call. If the doc is gone, chances are his office will be closed. Call the answering service to determine if there is a physician “on call”. This doctor can usually see you until your doctor returns.

Caution: Some family physicians just do not want to get involved with patients injured from car crashes or other liability claims. Do not wait until your physician returns to the office ten days from now just to find out he/she will not see you anyway.

Get the treatment that you need, now!

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