Five “Don’ts” If You’re in A Low Speed Impact Car Crash

Many car accidents are low speed impact ones that do not result in a lot of property damage. Our roads are so congested we’re often playing bumper cars with each other and experiencing or witnessing minor crashes. If you’re on the road a lot, you may see a number of these on any given day. Here’s what not to do if you’re involved in a minor wreck: 1. We Don’t Need the Police! Well, yes you probably do need the police! Investigating agencies (Florida Highway Read More +

Let’s Talk Car Insurance! “Zzzzzzzz….(snore)…….”

This might be the most important thing you read today, but it may also be the most boring. Nobody likes to discuss car insurance, so I’ll keep it short. You need UM/UIM car insurance on your policy! It could save you and your family… Let me explain: So many people in Florida think they have “full coverage”. That phrase is so misused it has almost no meaning. When you buy car insurance you’re actually buying about five different types of insurance. “PIP” –  will pay Read More +

Gov. Rick Scott’s New Year’s Gift You Cannot Return

This is probably my most important blog post since I started writing one year ago. Please take a few moments to read this – it is, after all, about you if you drive a car in Florida. Much like the ugly sweater you received this Christmas that cannot be return without the receipt, our governor is giving you something you didn’t need or want, it’s a nasty piece-of-work and it’s coming your way on January 1, 2013. Like it or not – it’s going to Read More +