How To File An Insurance Claim After A Car Accident In Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor Car Accident Injury AttorneyWhen you take a moment to consider the costs of owning your car one thing you can’t afford to overlook is the price of your insurance premium. You’ll want to make sure that you pay this on time, every time. This is important because if you get into a car accident you’ll want your insurance company to be there to help you with any challenges you may face along the way.

Unfortunately, there will be times when an insurance company will reject a legitimate claim or take its time when it comes to paying it. There will also be times when someone who’s injured in the accident, whether a driver or a passenger, will be offered less money than they expect to receive. This may not even be enough money for them to pay for things like repairs, injuries, or other costs that are associated with the accident. Fortunately, the laws in Florida do protect those who are injured in a car accident.

Understanding the Costs of a Car Accident

The money that you’re offered by an insurance company after an accident won’t always be enough to help you cover all the costs that you’ve incurred. Unfortunately, you’ll be responsible for anything that the insurance company doesn’t pay for unless you seek fair compensation.

Many people are surprised when this happens to them because being in a car accident isn’t cheap. You need to figure in the cost of car repairs, taxis, medical treatment (don’t forget medication, long-term medical costs), lost wages at work (these may be significant if you’re seriously injured), and other incidentals. Sometimes you’ll also have the added cost of replacing your personal property (e.g. phone, jewelry) if it was damaged in the accident.

Filing a Claim

Since car collisions are so expensive you must get all the documentation you need at the time of the accident. This includes pictures and contact information of the other drivers and any witnesses. You should also spend time notating any details you remember as soon as possible as they may prove helpful later.

It’s also important to keep any receipts that are related to your injuries and damages (e.g. medicine, taxis, specialist visits). Saving these alongside any notes regarding your treatment or the accident itself is helpful. Simply store them in an envelope so they’re available when you need them.

Fortunately, it’s fairly straightforward to file a claim. Simply contact your insurance company and ask them to start the claims process. The insurance company will then inform you about what steps you need to take. Make sure you take notes of this conversation.

You’ll want to make sure you have all this information in order as your next step should be to contact the Blenner Law Group in Palm Harbor, FL.

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