FAQ: Why Should I Hire A Small Firm For My Personal Injury Case?

Q&A Why Should I Hire A Small FirmI’m well aware that certain personal injury law firms advertise all over the place – land, air and even sky. There are park benches advertising injury lawyers, billboards tower over roadways brandishing a particular face from an Orlando law firm and I’ve even seen planes flying banners advertising big firms over public events.

I don’t do any of that. So, why should you hire the smaller professional, instead of the “big boys”?

We’re all professionals so let me just point out the differences between their style and that of the small law office.

First, I still meet with all of my new injury clients. I personally do the intake along with my paralegal. Some faces you see on the airwaves promoting their firms not only won’t meet with you, they may not even be in Tampa Bay.  In fact, if you call them your first point of contact may not be an attorney and not even a paralegal, but an “investigator”- someone who was hired to come to your house to fill out forms.

When I’ve signed up a new client, we get to work on it immediately. So many issues need to be addressed up front. The insurance companies need to be contacted to determine coverage, we need to figure out who is going to fix or total your car, and you need immediate attention – have you seen a doctor yet? Will you be out of work for a while?

Florida has a ridiculous statute that requires you to get medical attention within fourteen (14) days of the collision or your car insurance company may not have to pay any bills. Some bigger firms might not even assign your claim to a paralegal for days after intake – and if you saw the investigator days after the car crash, you can see the peril that lies ahead.

Furthermore, your case is more than just another claim in our office. The way to build an effective injury case is to get to know a client and his or her family. A good injury lawyer should be invested in his client and family. I want to know all about what you do, how you feel, what disability you currently have and how this has affected your family. We do take this personally. It’s good to be for the people, but it starts with being for the person.

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