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FAQ: “How much is my case worth?”

Without question, this is the most frequently asked question a personal injury attorney faces when we sign up a new client after an injury: “What’s my case worth?” And it’s a reasonable question – after all, you’re not feeling well, maybe you’ve missed time from work, you’re not getting paid, your car is totaled, you have unpaid medical bills and you hurt all over. “Is it even worth my time to pursue this?” Yes, it is. The best analogy I have regarding this is, you’ve Read More +

“Do You See That? Can I Legally Film That Outrageous Arrest?”

2014 seems to be the year of videos that go viral on social media regarding police arresting people and in some cases, literally killing them in the process. These incidents are becoming more frequent, especially in neighborhoods where the population feels somewhat victimized by the police department.  As they say, daylight is sometimes the best disinfectant. In some instances, cops are either violating their own policies or actually breaking the law. The recent case out of New York where the man accused of a petty Read More +

Five “Don’ts” If You’re in A Low Speed Impact Car Crash

Many car accidents are low speed impact ones that do not result in a lot of property damage. Our roads are so congested we’re often playing bumper cars with each other and experiencing or witnessing minor crashes. If you’re on the road a lot, you may see a number of these on any given day. Here’s what not to do if you’re involved in a minor wreck: 1. We Don’t Need the Police! Well, yes you probably do need the police! Investigating agencies (Florida Highway Read More +