Monthly Archives: June 2014

Eulogy For Jan Press

When Anna asked me to speak today, I told her I would only do it if I could ditch the downer stuff and talk about the Jan Press I knew for 20 years and who worked down the hall from me for the last 5 years. The funny, smiling and laughing Jan that made him so full of light and ease and delight. There’s an old adage: There’s no such thing as a funny lawyer. Only a funny person who made a serious career mistake. Read More +

Representing Lottery Winners….

A few weeks ago I received a call from someone here in Palm Harbor who became a new client. This lucky guy had just won millions of dollars, not from a weekly lottery drawing, but from a Florida scratch off ticket, of all things. Did you know you can win up to $5 million on a Florida Lottery scratch off? “Paul” is a middle-aged single dad who was never a big wage earner and I couldn’t have been happier for him. He was seeking my Read More +