Do I Need Insurance on my Street Worthy Golf Cart?

Personal InjuryAs we all know golf carts are not just for golf courses anymore.  As people try to conserve gas and move about their communities a little easier, golf carts have become an alternate method of transport. More than just efficient, they’re fun!  My parents had one in their golf community and my friends have one in Safety Harbor for tooting around town.

In some communities like the Villages, they’re almost essential. In this self-contained little city in the middle of nowhere, carts are the most popular mode of transportation. Many houses have golf cart garages, there are cart parking lots and even special cart streets that cars cannot access.  And some of the tripped-out golf carts cost as much as a car itself.

However, the more carts on the streets the higher the risk for collisions, just like every other motorized vehicle.

Recent case law has held that any golf cart capable of speeds in excess of 20 mph qualified as a “low speed vehicle” thereby triggering the necessity for insurance coverage.

The answer is Yes! Get insurance for your golf cart. The problem is, a modified golf cart is a wide open vehicle and while it may not travel at a fast rate of speed, if hit by a car that can go many times faster the potential for serious personal injury is there.

So, it stands to reason that golf cart insurance isn’t cheap. In fact, my friends tell me that to insure their cart is more than to insure one of their cars.

Consider this if you are in the market to purchase a golf cart for your community. It’s not just the cost of the cart to consider. Your car insurance will probably increase, in some cases significantly.

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