A Thanksgiving Wish….


Dear Clients, Friends and Family,

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve spoken to this year who have had a challenging (read: difficult) 2013. Maybe it’s because I have as well and people are just commiserating with me.

As the year comes to an end I like to think about the past year as challenges met and actually conquered. An Italian race car driver was once seen ripping the rear view mirror off of a rental car saying, “What’s behind me is not important” as he sped off down the road. But when you’ve survived adversity, taking a peek back once in a while with pride isn’t a bad thing.

We’ve all had good years and bad. It’s as important to learn from the bad, as to relish the good.  The next and most important challenge is the future with unlimited possibilities.

So to all of my clients and friends who’ve supported me during my third office address change in one year (which I do not recommend), the separation from my law partner of many years, establishing a new office and dealing with innumerable service people who really ought to find some other line of work, and the health issues that continue to plague my family, thank you.

Thanksgiving is truly a time to recognize the blessings bestowed despite adversity and the fine folks who pull you through. This year you’ve pulled me through and next year I hope to pull you through whatever difficulties you face. Here’s to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Author Bio: Walt Blenner is a Palm Harbor personal injury lawyer who is an “AV” (highest) rated by Lawyers.com and Martindale Hubbell. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients in Palm Harbor, Dunedin, New Port Richey as well as Tampa and looks forward to helping you and your family whether in the area of personal injury, estate planning or corporate representation.
You can follow Walt on Twitter (https://twitter.com/waltwb), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BlennerLawGroup) and Google+ (https://plus.google.com/+Waltblennerlaw)

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