Sylvester – Our Law Firm Mascot

We want our clients to feel comfortable, peaceful and at home while visiting our Palm Harbor law office. Since we mainly represent seriously injured people, the last thing clients want to see when they come to a firm is an uptight, starched formal setting full of dark mahogany, law books and oversized leather furniture. When people are in pain or not feeling well, you want them relaxed and at ease. “You’re welcome here”, should be the ambiance.

One thing that definitely adds to the color of our office is the presence of our Palm Harbor law firm mascot, Sylvester. He is our goodwill ambassador and greets all with open paws. He’s never had a bad day and will make sure yours is better no matter how crummy your day or week has gone.

To Sylvester, you’re not a client, you’re occasional family and whether it’s been a few days or a few months since the last visit here, you’re mostly welcomed with a smiling face (yes, he smiles), a nudge and a wet kiss if you allow it.

He loves all who enter, but he especially loves children. Being an adolescent himself at the age of two, he immediately transports back to puppy-hood when an energetic, giggly child comes running in.

Like most of us, Sylvester is a transplant to Palm Harbor. He was born in North Carolina and was immediately adopted into a loving extended family – from my law partner at home, to the rest of us here at work. He currently splits his time between our Palm Harbor office, and Barry’s northern home outside of Ashville, N.C.

Also like most of us, Sylvester is multi-cultural. He’s a golden-doodle – part golden retriever and part standard poodle. We think he inherited the best of both breeds. He’s got the smarts of a poodle and the loving nature of a golden retriever.

Many pain clinics and hospitals are effectively using “canine therapy” for patient relaxation, as the pure love experienced between dog and patient often take a patient’s mind away from pain and problems. This is Sylvester’s job and he’s quite good at it. We think we may be the only lawyers in Palm Harbor with a resident therapy dog.

So come in, pick up his icky, slobbery pet squirrel and give it a toss. He’ll make a run for it and you’ll have a friend for life!

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