Daily Archives: October 25, 2012

Dog Bites Man – Man Fights Back

We all love our pets, but we occasionally hear of something that went terribly wrong when a dog cannot control its behavior and a bite occurs resulting in an ugly injury. A few years ago a young mother from New Port Richey brought her beautiful 5 year old daughter to my office. With long blond hair and blue eyes, it was like she fell out of a Pottery Barn for Kids catalogue. But I immediately saw the problem. Besides an innate sadness not usually seen Read More +

Lawyer Rating Services

There are a number of online organizations that investigate and rate lawyers and law firms throughout the country. This handy tool is one way consumers can determine where their attorney stacks up among the competition. Martindale-Hubbell is well known and probably the most prestigious. www.martindale.com.  Lawyers rated on this website are “peer reviewed” meaning other attorneys have given them a particular grade, not the folks at Martindale.   Lawyers are graded on a scale of A, B or C, with “B” being, by far, the grade Read More +