Lawyer Rating Services

There are a number of online organizations that investigate and rate lawyers and law firms throughout the country. This handy tool is one way consumers can determine where their attorney stacks up among the competition.

Martindale-Hubbell is well known and probably the most prestigious.  Lawyers rated on this website are “peer reviewed” meaning other attorneys have given them a particular grade, not the folks at Martindale.   Lawyers are graded on a scale of A, B or C, with “B” being, by far, the grade most attorneys receive. They are also rated with a “V” for very ethical. Without the “V” rating, watch out! Ethical dilemmas may have existed in the past. So, most lawyers in Florida are “BV” rated and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I am proud to have been rated “AV” by other lawyers in the community, which is a rare distinction and very much appreciated.

A competitor rating service started an online presence three years ago.  This rating service grades lawyers on a numerical scale of 10, with the folks at Avvo determining the grade based upon certain criteria and academic accomplishments. More importantly, this service also allows clients to weigh in on their satisfaction with their attorney representation. I firmly believe my clients’ satisfaction is a lot more important than whether I’ve had a law article published in some remote law review treatise that no one will read.

Well, I’m happy to report that I recently received the Clients’ Choice Award for 2012 from Avvo. This means my clients are happy with my work and have taken the time to navigate a website and write it down.

We’ve never advertised on billboards, park benches or television commercials mainly because we get most new clients through referrals from happy former, or existing, clients. If we can help you out, please contact us. It’s our privilege to serve you!

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