It’s Good to Move Every 23 Years….

Our law office has been here in the Key West Center in Palm Harbor for more than 20 years. In fact, we were the first tenants in the building – we moved here in July, 1989. I’ve been coming to my same office space longer than Harry Potter has been alive (both the book series and the actor who portrays him).

In this office we watched the jury come back with the OJ Simpson verdict, watched the awful events unfold on 9/11, listened to the horrors of Hurricane Katrina, but we also listened to and helped thousands of personal injury clients with their claims.

But, time marches on and since our décor is largely what it was in 1989 (light woods, pastels, all very Miami Vice-y) a move just seems in order.

What I will miss is being on the top floor of the tallest building around. With our balcony, we can stand out and survey all of Crystal Beach and most of Palm Harbor and Ozona. It’s here that in 1994 I first spotted the “no-named” storm coming in from the Gulf that took out most of downtown Clearwater.

What won’t I miss? Pickled pine, pastel pinks and dated peeling wallpaper. Oh yes, we thought about redecorating, but………it’s been twenty-three years. I never thought I’d be anyplace for that long. It’s time for some other business to occupy the space I’ve seen for almost 6,000 days before I become cosmically connected to it and haunt all who inhabit it thereafter.

We’re not moving far. If I had a pitcher’s arm I could hit our new office with a rock. We’ll be in The Oaks of Palm Harbor, on the west side of Alternate 19, just north of Publix. We will continue to represent clients from Palm Harbor, Dunedin, New Port Richey and all spots in between.

Please come see us after the mayhem of the move. We’re sure you’ll approve of the new look. Everything else, however, will remain the same. Those who stay anywhere for 23 years obviously aren’t fans of change. We will continue to offer excellent legal representation to our personal injury clients.

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