What You Need To Know About Car Crashes Caused By Mechanical Malfunctions

Common Mechanical DefectsSome of the most common types of the car crash in St. Petersburg, FL include sideswipes, T-bones, and rear-end crashes. Usually, these accidents are caused by another driver making a fatal flaw in judgment. However, there are also times when these accidents are caused by faulty or defective car parts and designs.

Common Mechanical Defects

When you get into a car crash due to your car’s negligent design or manufacture, a personal injury attorney will hold the manufacturer liable. This is because it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that their cars are safe to drive. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Each year numerous vehicles are recalled because of serious flaws that put drivers’ lives at risk.

Flawed Brakes
Brakes have come a long way over time. Now we have anti-lock and dual braking systems to help reduce the number of car crashes that happen on our roads today. Nevertheless, personal injury attorneys still see accidents caused by faulty braking systems that don’t allow you to stop in time to prevent a crash.

Issues with Tires
Whether the tires are poorly designed or their rubber has been compromised they can result in tire blowouts and crashes. Additionally, if your vehicle has issues with its suspension your tires may wear down unevenly. This is another common reason why tires fail.

Faulty Designed Steering
When your vehicle’s steering system malfunctions or fails you can’t operate your vehicle properly. This is the cause of most single-car crashes because your vehicle has veered out of control. Of course, it can result in multiple-vehicle collisions too.

Problems with the Lights
Your headlights and taillights are important so other drivers can see you. When they’re poorly designed or installed incorrectly it results in problems with visibility and glare. Faulty headlights and taillights can also overheat. All of these issues may result in a car crash for which you’ll need to hire a personal injury attorney.

Faulty Wipers
You may think that wipers are one of the simplest parts of your vehicle, but they do play a major role in helping you see when it’s raining. When a manufacturing flaw causes them to malfunction you may lose sight of the result and end up in an accident.

Engine Failure
Defective parts or poor installation of your engine often results in the failure of your transmission. This occurs when your engine overheats and seizes up. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do when this happens. You’ll lose control of your car or it’ll come to a sudden stop causing you to be rear-ended.

Poorly Designed Gas Tanks
Whether a gas tank has been poorly designed or it’s incorrectly placed within a vehicle all it takes is a minor accident for this to result in a fire. This isn’t only dangerous for you but it also affects all of the other cars around you. If you’re in an accident like this you definitely need to hire a personal injury attorney.

Faulty Airbags
When your airbags deflate while you’re driving your vehicle they can cause you to get into an accident. Even if you get into an accident and your airbags inflate incorrectly you could get injured further.

Taking Action After a Car Crash

While design and manufacturing defects do happen, faulty repairs and maintenance issues caused by mechanics also happen. Regardless of why you’ve been in a car crash, you should hire a personal injury lawyer to help you discover why it happened. Whether it was caused by a manufacturer or mechanic your personal injury lawyer at the Blenner Law Group in St Petersburg, FL will help you recuperate your damages. Contact us today.

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