Pinellas Recognizes Domestic Registry – I’m Offering Price Reduction on Powers of Attorney

As was reported in the Tampa Bay Times this week, our County Commission has finally granted unmarried couples – same sex and straight – legal recognition through our County’s registry. This follows three local cities that have already adopted this: Gulfport, St. Petersburg and Clearwater.

I applaud our Commission for doing this. It’s a good start. Legally and ethically it is the right thing to do and will ensure couples access to each other in case of hospitalizations along with other benefits.

However, as the article states, the more encompassing document that same sex couples need is a Power of Attorney. A strong Power of Attorney is a totally comprehensive medical, legal and financial document that allows your loved one to act in your place if there is a need. The couple cited in the article linked above paid $1,600 for mutual Powers of Attorney.

As a celebration of this legal civil rights recognition, I am offering any same sex couple residing in Pinellas County a mutual set of Powers of Attorney for $50. Not $1,600. No strings attached. No hidden costs or fees. I may get a handful of takers, I may get dozens. No matter. It’s not meant to make money; it is meant to assist same sex couples who are still routinely hassled over the course of their relationship because they are not married, cannot get married and find themselves at the mercy of legal, medical and financial system. This will help. I promise.

If interested, please contact me through my e-mail: Please read the not-so-fine print below. And feel free to share this offer with other couples.

This offer is good until Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th, 2013. It is valid for same sex couples residing in Pinellas County, Florida. This offer has been pre-approved by the Florida Bar. 

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