Canadians in Florida Car Crash Cases

Here in Florida we have lots of Canadian snow birds who reside here as much as six months a year enjoying our climate and escaping some pretty awful weather up north.

Canadians frequently own property here, pay real estate taxes here and greatly support our local economy with their dollars, so as far as I’m concerned, they are most welcome in my backyard of Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater and New Port Richey. Plus, I love Canada, so we usually have lots to discuss about their homeland when I meet a resident.

It goes without saying that Canadians on the road here are no less susceptible to car crashes than full time residents of Florida.

Florida residents are often confused by the insurance web after they are involved in a car crash. Which insurance pays for my doctor bills, is it my car insurance or health insurance? Why should I have to pay a deductible to my company to fix my car when it’s the other guy’s fault that my car is wrecked? Who pays for my permanent disability?

So, you can imagine how much more complicated it gets when a Canadian with car insurance and a separate health insurance policy both issued in Canada is injured in a crash in Florida – now it’s not only an issue of which insurances are primary, but which laws are applicable? There may be a conflict between the laws of Florida and the laws of the Canada and even the laws of their province.  Also, since insurance policies are contracts between two parties, even the insurance policies have to be scrutinized.  No two policies necessarily are the same.

In short, untangling the issue of insurances when Canadians are involved in a wreck in Florida through no fault of their own are almost impossible to decipher without assistance or extensive research.  We have a lot of experience with every aspect of this and would be happy to help out our Canadian friends.

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