What Not To Wear To Court

A court of law is not the Casino at the Monte Carlo. Tuxes and evening dresses are not required. What is required is common sense. But here are two quick stories about what happens when you dress inappropriately for Court: First, I was in Small Claims Court before it was in session: We were all waiting to be called when a woman appeared looking confused. She was obviously subpoenaed to be there because she was holding a court pleading with this address, courtroom and time. Read More +

Watch for Bicycles, too

You probably know that bicycles must ride with the flow of traffic while in the street, but bicycle riders on sidewalks do not. A bicycle on a sidewalk is more akin to a pedestrian, than a street vehicle. Since pedestrians can walk in both directions on any sidewalk, bikes can as well. The problem is bicycles on sidewalks generally are moving much faster than a pedestrian. As we exit a parking lot onto the main road, we always check to the left to catch approaching Read More +

How Hospice Failed My Mother

This is a hard blog post to write not only because Hospice is such a revered organization, but also because most of my posts are about current law, my legal practice or other interesting topics that aren’t so very personal.  This is about as personal as it gets. My mother died on Father’s Day of 2015. It was June 21st to be specific.  It’s taken me almost one year to write this without anger. I started writing this a number of times and got “in Read More +

Video Surveillance and the Death of a Case (Two Actually)!

All lawyers share “war stories”. This is usually a true tale about an unnamed client (must preserve confidentiality) that resulted in some horrendous outcome to the poor slob of a lawyer telling the story. Retelling it makes other lawyers feel a bit better about their practice and it’s a right of passage for every lawyer. If you don’t have a war story, you’re doing something wrong. Sooner or later, something will go wrong in your practice. A while ago I blogged about a client who Read More +

My Unpleasant Encounter with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Office

Those who know me, know that I have a passion for art. I was raised in metropolitan New York very close to Manhattan and spent many hours as a child in museums. It’s what I did growing up and it’s always been a source of interest, inspiration and even relaxation throughout my life. It was inevitable that after establishing myself in a law practice, I’d eventually gravitate to arts organization since, let’s face it, the law isn’t the most creative profession around. I’ve been chairman Read More +

A Very Serious Boat Crash

It’s not every day in an injury lawyer’s career that he is gifted with such a perfect, but gasp-inducing case. I’ve had a number of vessel crash cases in my office over the years, but they all paled in comparison to the case of “Alice and Mel Jones”. The names and identifiable specifics have been changed even though my clients have agreed to this article, but the incident and the injuries are all factual. The Joneses are early retirees in their 60s. Mel is now Read More +