If Texting and Driving Doesn’t Get You Killed, It Will Get You A Ticket

Believe it or not, Florida is one of only five states in the country not to legally ban texting and driving. That may be coming to an end very soon. Recently the Florida Senate voted 36-0 to ban this nasty activity that has killed as many as 11 teenagers a day in this country.  A unanimous vote in Tallahassee is about as unlikely as a teenager without a smart phone. So this is sailing through the Legislature with no resistance. Next, the bill will be Read More +

Harleys and Gas Station Injuries.

I recently signed up a new client who was filling up his Harley at a local gas station. Little did he know that the gas pump handle was broken. The “float” that tells the handle when to cut off the flow of gas wasn’t working. Someone had even been out to fix it two days earlier, but that wasn’t known to my client. Most Harley gas tanks are on top of the bike. This means he was filling up the tank much higher than on Read More + Read More +