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Lawyer Ads: “Hire me. You can relate to me!”, “No, I’M your relatable attorney…”

As an injury lawyer I’ve represented injured people in every phase of life. I’ve helped out injured people who were in boat crashes. Guess what? I don’t own a boat. I’ve represented injured people who were hit by a car while in-line skating. I don’t skate. Clients on bicycles who were hurt have come to me and I’m not an avid bicyclist. I’ve even helped out a seriously injured client who survived a helicopter crash. No, I’m not a pilot. But I know the law Read More +

Xarelto Lawsuits

The FDA approved xarelto (also known as “rivaroxaban”) in 2011 as an alternate drug product to other prescriptions that thin the blood. Those who suffer from atrial fibrillation are at extra risk for blood clots that might lead to a stroke. Blood clots are also a risk after major joint reconstruction surgery, such as hip or knee replacement. Blood thinners are the answer. Drugs such as the newer xarelto and the older warfarin both work as an anti-coagulant – that is, to prevent the blood Read More +