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What’s “Sovereign Immunity”?

The word “sovereign” means : “a chief ruler with supreme power,” like a King or Queen or even a fiefdom run by a master. Back in the middle-ages when the world was largely run by sovereigns whether royalty or a chief ruler, one couldn’t sue the master. As the saying went, “rex non potest peccare”, or the king can do no wrong. So, if you couldn’t sue your sovereign, he or she had complete immunity. Royalty could rain down any number of nasties on you Read More +

“My Pet Groomer Just Smacked the **** Out Of My Pet! Can I sue?”

Occasionally I get a call from a client about possibly suing someone for injuries to their pet. Someone called me years ago to tell me that their new groomer basically cut the hell out of her standard poodle since he was inexperienced as a groomer and the poodle was quite experienced as a wiggly, impatient dog. The dog’s fur was unevenly groomed and worse than that, the poodle looked like he had run through a narrow hallway filled with razor blades. Recently, a good friend Read More +