The Difference Between Careless Driving and Reckless Driving

Often when I ask a new injury client if the at-fault driver that caused the car crash was given a citation, I hear this: “Yes, he was ticketed for Reckless Driving…” In all likelihood, he was ticketed with Careless Driving, not Reckless Driving, and there’s a world of difference between the two. Most all of us have had lapses of judgment at one time or another on the road – maybe you diverted your attention for a second and rear ended someone you thought had Read More +

Personal Injury Cases and Bankruptcy

Whenever I’ve signed up a new client after they’ve been injured in some form of crash, I always, always ask the client whether they’re currently in a bankruptcy or if they’re planning to file for bankruptcy. While this may offend some, I ask them whether they’re middle class or wealthy.  An injury with a lots of time out of work can drain just about anyone’s savings to the point of living on credit cards and other economic distress. Why is it relevant? Because once you Read More +

Lawyer Ads: “Hire me. You can relate to me!”, “No, I’M your relatable attorney…”

As an injury lawyer I’ve represented injured people in every phase of life. I’ve helped out injured people who were in boat crashes. Guess what? I don’t own a boat. I’ve represented injured people who were hit by a car while in-line skating. I don’t skate. Clients on bicycles who were hurt have come to me and I’m not an avid bicyclist. I’ve even helped out a seriously injured client who survived a helicopter crash. No, I’m not a pilot. But I know the law Read More +