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Injuries Don’t Wait for the Holidays to be Over

Having represented injured clients for years, I’ve had many clients who unfortunately sustain an injury over the Holidays. It can be very difficult to get quality health care between Thanksgiving and Christmas when so many health care professionals are away for extended periods of time. If you’re in an accident or somehow hurt first assess if you should go to the emergency room: They are always open, of course. If you think you may have sustained a broken bone or internal injury a trip to Read More +

Why Personal Wealth in Presidential Politics Matter

Most Americans are overall generous with their good thoughts about past presidents. Sometimes we mindfully embellish a so-so president to larger than life status. You can name your own example, but as time goes on we begin to burnish that reputation to a higher sheen, especially as we watch that retired president grow old and seemingly wiser, with age.  I think most people even came to terms with Richard Nixon towards the end as we mentally shaved off some of those harsh edges of the Read More +