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My Car Crash Was Out of State: Can I Hire A Florida Lawyer To Represent Me?

Surprisingly, yes! You can hire a Florida lawyer for your personal injury claim even if your car accident was in a different state. Typically someone who is involved in an accident in some distant jurisdiction returns home and resumes their life here. So, his or her family physician is here, as is a treating doctor. They go back to work but may have lost some time due to recuperation. It makes sense to hire someone locally to navigate your care and your insurance claim, locally.  Read More + Read More +

When Bill Collectors Cross the Line…..

As the economy recovers – ever so slowly – there are still lots of people out there who had little choice but to live on their credit cards until they were able to find work after being unemployed or underemployed for months or even years. Most well intentioned people intend to pay off these credit cards bills, but sometimes it’s not fast enough for your bank credit card company. Many creditors have a deadline on repayment and when it’s not met, they “sell” your debt Read More + Read More +