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The BP Oil Spill and You. No, really, YOU!

I have a Palm Harbor client whose retail business was shattered after the BP Oil spill of April, 2010. Her business is dependent upon “disposable dollars”, that is, that money that is spent for fun by her clients. Here on the Gulf Coast many of her reliable Palm Harbor area clients stopped using her services in the summer and fall months of 2010 when she is usually her busiest. Why? She asked them. Their answer was almost universal: “Our business has suffered financially since the Read More + Read More +

Pinellas Recognizes Domestic Registry – I’m Offering Price Reduction on Powers of Attorney

As was reported in the Tampa Bay Times this week, our County Commission has finally granted unmarried couples – same sex and straight – legal recognition through our County’s registry. This follows three local cities that have already adopted this: Gulfport, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. I applaud our Commission for doing this. It’s a good start. Legally and ethically it is the right thing to do and will ensure couples access to each other in case of hospitalizations along with other benefits. However, as the Read More +

The Minefield of Timeshares …

The Minefield of Timeshares….. Timeshares can be a fun thing. However, when you’re done with them, timeshares can be a nightmare. The number one problem with timeshares is getting rid of them. Ah, the exotic locations are quite alluring at first. People pay usually more than $10,000 to get their foot in the door for an annual weekly stay at some great location. Even the yearly maintenance fee is usually not a chore for the first few years. Then, the kids grow up, or you Read More +

Canadians in Florida Car Crash Cases

Here in Florida we have lots of Canadian snow birds who reside here as much as six months a year enjoying our climate and escaping some pretty awful weather up north. Canadians frequently own property here, pay real estate taxes here and greatly support our local economy with their dollars, so as far as I’m concerned, they are most welcome in my backyard of Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater and New Port Richey. Plus, I love Canada, so we usually have lots to discuss about their Read More +