Automobile Accidents

Automobile-AccidentsAutomobile Accidents – When you’ve just been in a car crash, you’re often confused, in pain, your car isn’t working, you’re missing work and you probably have a million questions about where to go and what to do. This is where we excel. New personal injury clients take priority over everything and we immediately set out to get answers to question, like medical information, insurance coverages, the location of the wrecked car, how to get you into a rental car, etc. The only thing you need concern yourself, is getting better. We do the rest.

To make a claim for injuries from a car crash, you need to have a “threshold injury” in the State of Florida. Defined by Florida statutes, a threshold injury is a permanent injury defined as: death, scarring and…….everything else.

Fortunately, most clients injuries fall into the “everything else” category, however, a physician must diagnose the degree of permanent injury of the patient. This is why it is so critical that clients get immediate medical attention. We work with a number of well qualified physicians and if we don’t know our client’s trusted doctor, we’ll get to know him or her.

After a car accidnet that has been reported with injuries, your phone will start to ring. Insurance adjusters will call and want you to go on record to state how the accident happened, if you were injured and if so, the nature of your injury. Just know that however nice they may be on the phone, they are not working in your best interest. Do not ever state that you were uninjured unless you are 100% certain that you aren’t. Better yet, get legal representation and let your professional handle all of these calls.

Insurance issues are incredibly confusing in Florida. If you’re driving someone else’s car and a car accident occurs, whose car insurance is primary, yours, the car owner’s or the insurance company for the other person who was at fault? If you’re injured and are taken to the hospital, does your car insurance pay for the care, or your health insurance?

When your head spins with details, it’s time to hire a professional.