FAQ: Why Should I Hire A Small Firm For My Personal Injury Case?

I’m well aware that certain personal injury law firms advertise all over the place – land, air and even sky. There are park benches advertising injury lawyers, billboards tower over roadways brandishing a particular face from an Orlando law firm and I’ve even seen planes flying banners advertising big firms over public events. I don’t do any of that. So, why should you hire the smaller professional, instead of the “big boys”? We’re all professionals so let me just point out the differences between their style Read More +

FAQ: “How much is my case worth?”

Without question, this is the most frequently asked question a personal injury attorney faces when we sign up a new client after an injury: “What’s my case worth?” And it’s a reasonable question – after all, you’re not feeling well, maybe you’ve missed time from work, you’re not getting paid, your car is totaled, you have unpaid medical bills and you hurt all over. “Is it even worth my time to pursue this?” Yes, it is. The best analogy I have regarding this is, you’ve Read More +