Injury Cases and Bankruptcy

Whenever I sign up a new injury client, I always inquire about the possibility of their filing bankruptcy in the near future. It is an important topic that needs to be explored since it can make the difference between securing a settlement for a client, and getting the client nothing. Since personal injury cases usually take months or sometimes years to resolve, an attorney doesn’t know the financial situation the client is in or will face in the near future and bringing it up early Read More +

The Inevitable January Rush for Estate Planning……

As an attorney who practices in Estate Planning, I know from talking to other lawyers that we all experience a flood of calls in January from family, friends and clients to “get our Wills done”.  Typically I write more Wills in January, February and March than any other time of the year. Undoubtedly the calls are a part of everyone’s New Year’s Resolution – an effort to stop procrastinating after years of putting off planning for the inevitable.  It’s never too late to tackle your Read More +

FAQ: My doctor has recommended I have surgery because of my injury. Should I?

This is one question that makes every injury attorney cringe. Really? You’re asking me if you should have surgery? While I appreciate the opportunity to weigh in on a client’s medical decision, this is really a decision that is best made by the client, their doctor and their family. However, once in a while I will answer the question, when it’s phrased like this: “I cannot stand the pain any longer. I cannot go on like this. My surgeon has recommended surgery and I think Read More +

FAQ: Why Should I Hire A Small Firm For My Personal Injury Case?

I’m well aware that certain personal injury law firms advertise all over the place – land, air and even sky. There are park benches advertising injury lawyers, billboards tower over roadways brandishing a particular face from an Orlando law firm and I’ve even seen planes flying banners advertising big firms over public events. I don’t do any of that. So, why should you hire the smaller professional, instead of the “big boys”? We’re all professionals so let me just point out the differences between their style Read More +

“Do You See That? Can I Legally Film That Outrageous Arrest?”

2014 seems to be the year of videos that go viral on social media regarding police arresting people and in some cases, literally killing them in the process. These incidents are becoming more frequent, especially in neighborhoods where the population feels somewhat victimized by the police department.  As they say, daylight is sometimes the best disinfectant. In some instances, cops are either violating their own policies or actually breaking the law. The recent case out of New York where the man accused of a petty Read More +

Bicycle Crashes and Florida Law

While many personal injury lawyers focus primarily on motorcycle crashes, there are other two wheeled vehicles crashes that also result in serious injuries – bicycles. When a bicycle meets a car on pavement, the car always wins and the cyclist is usually way worse for the wear. Those of us who bike know that there are rules of the road for bicyclists as well as motorists. In fact, according to Florida Statutes (316.2065): Every bicyclist “has all the rights and all the duties applicable to Read More + Read More +