Daily Archives: January 3, 2023

Why Estate Planning Is Vital

Many people spend more time planning other aspects of their life than they do with estate planning. While it may not be fun to think of who will inherit your assets when you’re gone, failure to do so means that your hard-earned property may not be divided in the way you like. Why should you engage in estate planning? There are many great benefits to planning your estate before your death. Some of these benefits include: The main benefit is that you get to choose Read More +

Safeguarding Liability: A Guide For Pickleball Coaches

In the engaging world of pickleball, coaching can be a rewarding profession. However, like any physical sport, it presents a certain level of risk and liability. As a pickleball coach, it’s imperative to adopt measures that minimize liability and ensure the safety and well-being of your students during lessons. This guide explores the key steps to take in protecting yourself from potential legal issues and fostering a safe learning environment. 1. Adequate Certification and Training: Before you venture into coaching, ensure you have the necessary Read More +