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Can I Split My Florida Lottery Winnings With My Family?

Q: Can I Split My Florida Lottery Winnings With My Family Where Do I Claim My Florida Lottery Prize? A: For those who win over a certain amount, you’ve got to go to the Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee, and can you split your prize with your family? Yes, you can. However, the Florida Lottery Headquarter Office will only wire that amount that you want to one bank account. Any split to any family member would be on you, and whatever wealth care manager or investment Read More +

Can I choose my own repair shop following a Florida car accident?

In general, yes, you can. Some insurance companies will require you to bring your car to their shop in order to have the damages assessed or appraised, but, in general, yes, you can pick any auto body repair shop that you would like and they will deal directly with the insurance company that will pay for the repairs. Image credit: Pixel-mixer