Monthly Archives: October 2016

To Shred or Not to Shred…..*

Many businesses and even households are going paperless by storing documents on CDs or DVDs. What to do with the old paperwork? The questions arises, do I have to shred everything? Some businesses have so much paperwork that they have to hire these mobile shredding trucks to come out and just mulch it all up en masse rather than stand there feeding each piece of paper into the loud shredder which inevitably jams on the 6th inserted document. Is this really necessary? Actually, the reason Read More +

Estate Planning for Millennials

Even as a lawyer who practices in Estate Planning I didn’t have a Will until I was about 30 years old. I figured since I only had debt if my family wanted to fight over that, they were welcome to it. So this blog post is directed at the so-called “Millennials” – who are largely defined as folks from about 34 years of age (year of birth, 1982) down to about 16 year old. Largely speaking, it’s people from their 20s to mid-30s. Maybe you Read More +

Golf Cart Accidents – Caddyshack Fun vs. Face Plant into the Pavement

Golf carts can be fun, but like any other vehicle they often result in injuries. When you consider that most have no seatbelts, no doors, they tend to tip over and are greatly subject to driver error, this is no surprise. Whether a drunken golfer on a nice golf course or a reckless teen on a subdivision road, bad driving in a golf cart frequently leads to injuries even at the slower speeds when compared to cars. About 15,000 injuries from golf cart incidents resulting Read More +