Welcome to the Blenner Law Group

Welcome to the Blenner Law Group

When you are in pain and suffering, the words "personal injury” are indeed very personal. A serious accident or injury can leave you unable to work, unable to earn, and enjoy the quality of life for an extensive period of time, possibly permanently. A car accident, an industrial explosion, an amusement park mishap, a vicious assault, a chemical burn injury, a hit-and-run collision, or a slip or fall on wet tile floor, a tumble down a flight of stairs brings an economic disaster to you, your family, and your finances.
First, you need urgent medical care. Next, you need experienced legal counsel and representation.
Call me, attorney Walt Blenner, at 727.940.9414.

Free Review Of Your Case

Hundreds of people in the Tampa Bay Area sustain personal injuries everyday through no fault of their own. If another person’s negligence has caused you to suffer injuries, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. There are many types of personal injuries for which victims could potentially make a claim. We will evaluate your claim for free and provide you with the proper representation that is tailored to your needs. Personal Injury Attorney Walt Blenner has over 25 years experience in personal injury and corporate law in Palm Harbor, New Port Richey, Dunedin and Clearwater. You've found a lawyer who knows how to win your case.

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Estate Planning

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people with their Estate Planning. You should review your Estate Plan at least every ten years or more if things change within your relationship or within your family.
Whether rich or not-so-rich, everyone should have help with planning their last wishes. And make no mistake good Estate Planning isn’t just when someone has passed away. A good Power of Attorney and Health Care Surrogate form allows you to pick who will assist you in the event you’re still alive, but you’re unable to take care of your financial and health care concerns.
Of course a Last Will gives you the ultimate say in who inherits your real estate, your financial assets and even your “stuff”, such as your collectibles, your jewelry and your other valuables.
And if you’ve heard of and dread the word “probate” come in and talk and we can usually find ways to avoid a probatable estate which may save your family money in fees and court costs.

A Message From Walt Blenner

We believe in you and will fight relentlessly for your legal rights and for compensation for any damages that you’ve suffered. We promise to handle your case as if as if it’s our most important case. Because, in the end, it is.

Call me, we’re here to help.

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Injuries Don’t Wait for the Holidays to be Over
Injuries Don’t Wait for the Holidays to be Over
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Why Personal Wealth in Presidential Politics Matter
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I rarely get too personal in my law firm website blog postings. It’s not in my nature. I’ll write about cases I’ve had, about changes in the law, about things around the office, about funny things in general. But writing about me as a person first and a lawyer next, is an unnatural and...
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Condescending Questions from Lawyers on TV Ads
Nothing sends me faster to the mute button on the remote other than TV lawyer ads. One in particular is very grating. A spokes-lawyer for a gigantic mega firm in many states advising consumers to ask their lawyer, “How many multi-million dollar verdicts do you have under your belt?” Now, there are big firms...
When Cell Phones and Driving are Good Things…….
When Cell Phones and Driving are Good Things…….
Most of us get it that talking and texting on cell phones is a very bad thing for safety on the road. However, cell phones are fantastic tools to use if you’ve just been in a collision. Yes, of course people use their phones to dial 911 after they’ve been hit, but that’s not...
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