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Tacky TV Lawyer Ads Throughout the Land…

It’s great fun to travel around the country and when I can, I always watch local TV stations to see how personal injury lawyers advertise in those jurisdictions. It’s always easy to find these ads too: Just turn on the half hour courtroom reality shows that air mid-day. The commercials that fill in between screaming, moronic litigants and a hapless “judge” are almost nothing but lawyer ads preying on those who are sitting at home during the middle of the workweek. For those who don’t Read More +

Forensics vs. Common Sense

One of the more interesting cases I had a few years back had to do with an older gentleman and his wife who were walking through a local parking lot to go to the movies on a Friday night. Because of the popularity of this destination – especially on a Friday night – my client had to park many aisles away from the theater. His wife had agreed to walk ahead of him to get on line at the box office since the movie starting Read More +

My First Jury Trial – “You Want Me to Try That Case?”

Years ago when I was a new attorney at a relatively large Tampa personal injury firm, the partners decided that it was time I expanded my courtroom experience to an actual jury trial on an injury case. Excited, yet nervous, I inquired about the case they had in mind. They kind of smirked and said, “It’s the kind of case even a new trial lawyer can’t screw up.” Intrigued and relieved, I asked for more information about this great car crash case that was a Read More + Read More +

Why Should I Settle My Injury Case?

Many people who suffer a serious injury are reluctant to hire an injury attorney because “I don’t want to end up in court.” In reality, very few cases end up in front of a jury. Most claims settle long before then. The real reason to settle an injury claim rather than trying it in front of a jury trial is summed up in two words: reducing risk. As you sit there waiting for 6 jurors to return their verdict, you will get full value of Read More + Read More +