Morgan & Morgan: “We Know Who These Crummy Lawyers Are…”

Morgan & Morgan: “We Know Who These Crummy Lawyers Are…”Recently John Morgan of that Morgan & Morgan has been advertising on TV talking about “crummy” lawyers who need the settlement money more than you. The kind of crummy lawyer will take the last settlement offer regardless of their clients wishes. He then invites you to go to their website to see the offers made to “our clients”.

The implication by Mr. Goliath is, if you’re not hiring M&M for your injury case, you’re not maximizing the potential of your claim. All injury lawyers not employed by M&M really should be outraged. This goes beyond mere competition – it denigrates members of our profession in a way that is supposed to put M&M on a pedestal at the cost of the reputation of other firms and sole practitioners.

Here’s how I operate: I personally sign up every injury client who comes in to my office. I get to know my clients and usually their family as well. I take an active role in the progression of their medical treatment. I’m there every step of the way as their case is developed. At the right time, I sit down with my clients to learn how this injury has affected their life in every aspect – occupationally, socially, recreationally and at home. All demands made to the insurance company are supported with medical records and a personalized account of the quality of their life after this incident. I have many satisfied clients who refer me to other friends and family.

Do you think for one second you’ll get that kind of personalized, one-on-one professional care and concern at a firm that gets scores of calls every day after advertising on almost every network many times an hour? Where you will most likely never even talk to an attorney unless you’re going to trial?
Where would you go for a good meal: a fine restaurant where everything is custom made to order, or a fast food joint ready to serve the masses with the same dozen precooked things? And there is nothing more personal, more individual than your injury claim.

I don’t advertise, but believe me, I have no objection to those who do. I’ve been doing the same thing for 30 years and I get my clients from the relationships I’ve built up over the years with doctors, clients and other referring lawyers. I don’t need to advertise: When you do a good job, the work will always follow.

If you want to know Morgan & Morgan’s satisfaction rate, just Google the firm name and the word “complaints”. While they undoubtedly have 1,000 times more clients than I do (or want), the complaints are remarkably consistent. Do not confuse quality of legal representation with a huge advertising budget.

“We know who the crummy lawyers are….” Yes, we do.

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